Article 1 Purpose

These Terms and Conditions are for the purpose of specifying the matters necessary for the use of the products provided by HANKOOK ANTENNA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company").

Article 2 Effect and Change of the Terms
  1. This Agreement shall become effective upon the User's registration.
  2. The Company may revise these Terms and Conditions if it is deemed necessary, and the changed terms shall be announced through the services provided by the Company..
  3. The modified terms shall become effective after the date of announcement.
Article 3 Definitions of Terms

The terms used in these Terms and Conditions are as follows.

  1. User: An individual or corporation who is registered as a member of the service provided by the company.
  2. User ID: A combination of letters and numbers assigned by the Company at the user's choice when registering for the service.
  3. Password: A combination of letters and numbers set by the user himself / herself in order to confirm that the user is a user who matches the user number and to protect the secret of the user himself / herself.
  4. Charges: Charges after the conclusion of the contract are separate from VAT.
Article 4 Application for Use
  1. Membership registration is requested via http: //
  2. If the applicant is a minor (including an incompetent person under the civil law), the applicant may apply for the use of the service provider as a legal representative (parental guardian, etc.). If the user of the service is different from the person who pays the service fee, the company may request proof of the confirmation.
Article 5 Approval of the use contract

The contract of use shall be established by the application of the user and the consent of the company..

Article 6 Reservation and Refusal of Use Contract
  1. The Company may reserve the acceptance of the contract of use if: • If the service facility capacity is insufficient.
    1. If it is determined that there is a technical problem in providing the service
    2. Other companies deemed necessary
  2. The Company may refuse the acceptance of the contract of use if it falls under any of the following:
    1. If you apply for your use differently from your real name
    2. If the contents of the application for use are falsified or false documents are attached to the application form
Article 7 Change of Use Contract
  1. The user shall immediately access the service and change it if any of the following changes are made.
    1. Address and phone number
    2. password
    3. How to pay the service fee
    4. Other company-approved matters
  2. The user number may be changed at the request of the user if the following are applicable: If you are registered as a user's phone number, mobile phone number, etc.
    1. If you are registered as a user's phone number, mobile phone number, etc
    2. Disgusting others
    3. Any other company recognizes
Article 8 Service Type

The company provides services such as product introduction.

Article 9 Service Hours
  • The use of the service shall be based on the new business except for holidays set by the company, unless there is a special obstacle to the business or technology of the company.
  • However, if the system is checked or repaired, the service can be temporarily suspended after notifying the user through the notice.
Article 10 Service Change Service

If the content is added, changed or deleted, it shall be announced through the service provided by the company.

Article 11 Limitation and suspension of use of the Service

The Company may restrict or suspend the use of the Service if the User: a.

  1. If the operation of the service is interrupted by intent or negligence
  2. Inevitable due to repair or construction of service equipment
  3. If a telecommunications carrier prescribed by the Telecommunication Business Law has suspended telecommunication services
  4. When the use of the service is hindered due to a national emergency, disruption of service facilities, or excessive use of services
  5. In violation of the provisions of Article 14
  6. If the other company deems it inappropriate for the user
Article 12 Obligations of the Company
  • The Company shall not disclose or disseminate the information of users who are aware of the provision of the services to third parties without their consent.
  • However, the Company shall not be liable for any of the following cases.
    1. The information provider or a third party has leaked the user information provided by the user individually to the information provider or a third party for the purpose of using some services
    2. Notified in writing of the necessary documents for investigation or submission of documents from the agency concerned
    Article 13 Obligations of User
    1. The user shall not engage in any of the following activities.
      1. Misuse of the user number and password of others
      2. To use the information obtained through the service for reproduction, publication, broadcasting, etc. or to provide it to a third party for purposes other than the user's use without the Company's prior consent
      3. An act that is deemed to be associated with a criminal act
      4. Acts that violate other related laws and regulations
    2. Users may not conduct business using services except as permitted by the Company.
    3. Management of Member Posts If a member has registered any of the following items on the site, the company may delete the post without notice to the member.
      1. In violation of public order and morals.
      2. You are found to be associated with criminal conduct.
      3. In case of defamation of others' honor.
      4. Infringe on copyrights or other rights of others.
      5. If the content of the post does not match the nature of the bulletin board.
      6. You believe it is in violation of other related laws and regulations.
    Article 14 Charge for use

    The types of charges that the user should pay are as follows.

    1. Subscription fee: No additional charge is charged for member registration.
    2. Product introduction: We will provide separate quotation through product order after registering member.
    Article 15 Payment of use charges

    In principle, the service charge must be paid before using the service.

    Article 16 Payment method
    • When the charge is received from the company, the payee shall pay the fee according to what the company notifies by online
    • Payment of the usage fee shall be made.
    • Payment is made in advance, and the method of payment is as follows.
    Article 17 Charges
    • The user of the service charge shall be the principal. However, if the company acknowledges it, the other person can be used as a fee-paying person.
    • The fee for use in accordance with the provisions of Clause 1 shall be liable to the Company for payment of all debts, such as usage fees to be paid to the Company, in cooperation with the User.
    Article 18 Delinquency of use charges, non-payment
    • If the Company has not paid the amount charged to the service provider within the due date, the service may be restricted or discontinued.
    • Service is available when the service charge is fully paid.
    Article 19 Disclaimer
    1. The Company shall not be liable for any problems caused solely by the information provided by the Internet.
    2. The Company shall not be liable for damages incurred as a result of the member's failure to obtain the expected benefits from the provision of the service or the selection or use of the service data.
    3. The Company shall not be liable for any disruption in the use of the Service due to reasons attributable to the Member.
    4. The Company shall not be liable for the contents of the data posted or transmitted by the member.
    5. The Company shall not be liable for any transaction between the members or between the member and the third party through the service.
    6. The Company shall not be liable for the storage and transmission of all services and shall not be liable for any loss of data.
    7. In case the service can not be provided due to natural disasters or other force majeure, the Company shall not be liable for the suspension of service.
    8. The Company shall not be held liable for any obstacle to the use of the service due to the reasons for the members' failure.
    9. The Company shall not be liable for the reliability or accuracy of the information provided through the service network provided by the Company.
    Article 20 Competent Court
    For disputes arising from the use of services, such as usage fees, the court having jurisdiction over the headquarters of the company shall be the court of competent jurisdiction.


    Applicability of Article 21 regulations

    For matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions, it shall be customary for the matters not specified in relevant laws and regulations such as the Commercial Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, and the Act.


    (Effective Date) These Terms will be effective from Nov, 2019.